Teach English in Chongqing China - Foreign Language School

Teach English in Chongqing China - Foreign Language School

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We are OWEN Education, a foreign language school situated in Chongqing, China. We currently have over 150 international teachers from all over the world, each working in one of our 50 branches. We are looking to hire more teachers to join our expanding company and see what China has to offer. Our work involves educating young learners between the ages of 4 – 18 the English language, as well as teaching values and culture. It is our fundamental belief that every child has the ability to learn and to develop and it is our role as teachers to facilitate our students. We use international curriculum's to teach students tentatively and are consistently looking to innovate our teaching procedures and resources.
We are looking for graduates and teachers to join our ever-growing company in Chongqing, China as teachers of young learners. OWEN Education is the largest provider of English training in South West China and we have over 50 campuses.

We offer graduates the following opportunity:
- One year contract with OWEN Education supported with a work visa issued by the official Chinese authorities. We offer full support and reimbursement of visa costs.
- Minimum of two days off and maximum 25 working hours per week. Working hours are Monday to Friday 5:00pm to 8:30pm with a minimum of two weekdays off per week and then weekends from 9.00am to 5.30pm.
- Initial and on-going training or workshops for all teachers. Our company wants to develop graduates and staff to become better teachers and learn valuable employment skills.
- Bonus overtime/demo pay and end of contract bonuses.
- Paid holidays.
- Competitive salary in a low cost city. We offer 15,000rmb per month minimum for a full time contract. Chongqing, compared to Shanghai or Beijing, offers a low living cost. Many of our teachers have managed to save money and regularly travel to other provinces or countries. Wages are paid on the 15th of every month into your Chinese bank account.
- Accommodation help and support.
- Regular company activities e.g. team building events, parties etc ...
- Free TEFL course.
As mentioned extensive training and support is provided for graduates.
- Monthly training's e.g. classroom discipline techniques
- Teachers group chats to share ideas and resources
- Monthly check in with teachers

Our principle work at OWEN Education is to facilitate the learning and development of our students. We want our students to receive an international style education, learn values and culture and engage their interest in learning English. We have excellent resources and curriculums provided for our teacher's to use inside the classroom such as books and flashcards, as well as a strong team and support network whilst graduates reside in China. It is our duty as teachers to have positive interactions with parents and work colleagues, create and give tests regularly to students and issue homework.
We are looking for those who possess the following skills and attributes:
- hardworking and motivated.
- looking for a new challenge or adventure.
- Those willing to learn new skills and share ideas.
- Those who meet Chinese visa requirements e.g. criminal background check, medical check.
- Teaching experience is preferred but isn't a requirement.
- TEFL certification.

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