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Monday, 29 April 2019

Humanities Teacher in China - Shanghai

Humanities Teacher in China

Qualified teaching in China

Teaching Job Details

-Job Title: Humanities Non-Fiction Teacher/Tutor
-Start Date: August 2019
-Duration of Conract: One Year
-Supervised by and Reports to: Headteacher
-Class Size: 4-8 students
-Student Age: TBD (from 4-14 years old)
-School Location: Shanghai, China
-Mandatory Schedule:
30 standard semester weekends (last weekend of August-Mid June)
Mandatory working hours: Friday 1:00pm - 9:00pm, Saturday 8:30am - 7:45pm
and Sunday 8:30am - 4:45pm.
Holidays School (during winter breaks, holiday breaks, and summer breaks).
12 weeks of 5 consecutive days, 6 teaching hours per day.

Compensation and Benefits

1. Total Gross Annual Package: RMB 309,000 to 400,200
2. Benefits Included in Gross Package:
i. Housing and Utilities: RMB 6,000 to 10,000 per month
ii. Annual International Return Flight to Home Country: RMB 8,500
iii. Bonus: RMB 14,000 to RMB 22,000
iv. Medical Insurance
v. Chinese Work Permit: all costs will be paid by the school

Related Work Experience and Education Requirements

1.Related Work Experience:
i. Graduates of prestigious/top ranked university (Australia, Canada, New
Zealand, the United Kingdom, or the United States) need some teaching
i. Candidates holding a four-year university degree; AND a
state/government issued teaching license/credential which qualifies an
individual to teach at regular schools (Australia, Canada, New Zealand,
the United Kingdom, or the United States), need a minimum of two years of
full-time teaching experience (at an established international school or
at a school in the teacher's home country).
2. Education Requirements:
i. A four-year university degree from a prestigious/top ranked university
(Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, or the United
i. A four-year university degree
ii. A state/government issued teaching license/credential which qualifies
an individual to teach at regular schools (Australia, Canada, New Zealand,
the United Kingdom, or the United States).

Position Description 

Teachers with at least two years of primary, middle school, or high school teaching experience are needed to teach an advanced Humanities non-fiction literature and writing program that is based on the most distinguished signature and contemporary non-fiction books in English. Areas of focus are human culture and society, including art, language, science, travel and history. The writing portion of the course includes analyzing the non-fiction work with a critical and comprehensive approach and being able to write and speak about the works with perspective, poignance, and confidence. Further, students are asked to delve into the non-fiction piece as it pertains to the period’s culture and context, purpose and message, and authorial view and intended audience. Weekly sessions are typically 3 hours long. Each weekend class will have a maximum of 8 students. The ideal teaching candidates will have distinguished academic and work records, and will be highly professional in personal presentation, communication skills, and work ethic.

Teaching Duties and Other Responsibilities

1. Curriculum
•The teacher will be able to teach our challenging and ambitious curriculum which is different and more rigorous than commonly used state, national, and international curriculums such as IB.
•The teacher will be a proponent of the philosophy that it is possible to teach non-native English speakers/bi-lingual students using native level materials, and that non-native speakers can be guided to perform at levels far beyond what are considered standard grade level expectations. Ideally, a track record in this area will prove this commitment.
•The teacher will be aware that some of the topics discussed during class time will sometimes be of a sensitive manner and may cause discussions with students that may be uncomfortable for some.
•The teacher’s focus will be of the student’s understanding of the transmission of the cultural heritage, rather than the cultural heritage itself.
•The teacher will be able to spark interest in open-ended discussion’s that may not end in a result.
•The teacher will understand the importance of in class discussions and will encourage learning outside the classroom as well.
2. Classroom Management
•The teacher will demonstrate outstanding classroom management skills.
•The teacher will ensure that the students are safe at all times.
•The teacher will establish a quiet and productive learning environment.
3. Punctuality and Attendance
•The teacher will be punctual and reliable.
•The teacher will schedule nonemergency doctor’s appointments outside of teaching hours.
•The teacher will give advance notice, of at least 24 hours, to the immediate supervisor when an unavoidable absence from teaching duties is required.
•The teacher will lead a clean and healthy lifestyle that will enable her/him to function at high levels at all times.

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