TEFL Teacher Need in Yantai, Shandong, China - Teach English Abroad

English Teachers Needed in the Beautiful Coastal city of Yantai in China’s Shandong Province

If you are looking for a English Teacher position abroad that also offers the opportunity to travel, build new skills and participate in internships/study programs with local businesses, then EC International Co., Ltd. may be the right place for you. Located in the beautiful coastal city of Yantai in China's Shandong province, EC International provides local adults and students an environment where they can build their English language skills and develop an intercultural mindset. We not only deliver quality language instruction to our students, we also offer an array of cross-cultural courses to help our students develop the knowledge and skills that they need to be true global citizens.

Positions opening: 7-10 English teaching positions opening for foreign employees 

We are looking for teachers with: 

-Bachelor's degree or above 
-Excellent teaching skills and prior teaching experience (2+years teaching experience preferred) 
-ESL/TESOL certificate (Preferred but not necessary) 
-Corporate/ business working experience would be a great asset 
-Excellent interpersonal skills, able to interact effectively with children, young adult or adult students 
-The ability to work independently or as part of a team 
-Willingness to work on a flexible schedule 
-Native English speakers preferred 
-Non-criminal record proof (need to provide police clearance )

Remuneration & Benefits 

- 12 Months' contract renewable 
- 5 working days per week 
- Monthly Salary 7000-16000 RMB Yuan (negotiable, depending on qualification & workload & experience, Yantai local average monthly salary is 3000-4000 RMB Yuan) 
- Contract Completion Bonus 
- Paid Chinese national holidays: Mid-Autumn Festival (3 days), Chinese National Day (7 days),

New Year (3 days), Tomb-sweeping Day (3 days), May Day (3 days) and Dragon Boat Festival (3 days) 

- Special paid days for travelling 
- Free legal Work Permit or Work Visa (if qualified for working visa, we will cover your visa expenses) 
- Free comfortable private accommodation or house allowance

For teachers we offer a competitive salary and a sufficient housing allowance here in the city of Yantai, we also offers visa management, partially paid extended vacation and other benefits so that you can experience the truly unique local Yantai and Chinese culture.
How to Apply for EC/EC INTERNATIONAL's Positions? 

Contact EC's Overseas Recruiting Specialists:

-Cell phone: +86 15098590868
-Wechat: +86 15098590868
-email: nikkichu@ec-in.com
-Cell phone: +86 18953568616
-Wechat: +86 18953568616 / starmoonzhou
-email: joe@ec-in.com
- Skype: starmoonzhou@sina.com
- QQ: 403716799
Iris Jin
-Cell phone: +86 15552252266
-Wechat: aiyoyo041014
- Skype: 2bc6195152c0f501
- email: irisjin@ec-in.com

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